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Smart Contract Accounts, Wallet Abstraction, Checkout Flow

What is DebitLlama?

A service for creating and managing future transactions with immutable constraints.
The service uses blockchain contracts with zero-knowledge proof cryptography that allow transactions to become valid over time until the proof is invalidated.
You can manage accounts for recurring subscription payments or become a merchant and directly debit cold wallets and pay for your customer's transaction fees.


There is no custody. Period. Funds are never locked or stored by third-parties.Your funds are always stored securely in your External Owned Wallet or in a Smart Contract based Virtual Account
You can cancel all your subscriptions and disconnect your wallet with a single blockchain transaction any time.
DebitLlama has no access to funds and is unable to freeze or conficate deposits or alter subscriptions in any ways.

Always in control

You can't get charged more than what you approved.
No surprise fees even with pay-per-usage. The maximum you can pay never changes.
Your spending limit is set on both the account and subscription level, where cryptography guarantees your subscription never exceeds the maximum approved payment amount or frequency.

Bespoke Wallet Abstractions

Accounts with Direct Debit Pull Payments
Meta-Transactions are trustlessly relayed by Intent Solvers.
Account creation always depends on an active wallet, but once they are created payments can be approved from them just by supplying an encryption password or passkey too, or just keep using trusty ol Metamask.
Spending approval and ownership is decoupled.

Direct Debit Payments
Start using our app today.

Set up an account once and approve payments from it using any device. Keep using metamask, use a password based wallet abstraction or turn a cutting-edge passkey into a wallet.

Simple Checkout Integration

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If you are interested in adding Crypto Direct Debit payment to your application, let us know. Would you like to use a different network or support a new currency? Send a message and we will tailor the application to your needs with no upfront costs.